Creative Hack

Decades ago, Creativity and Irony were close bedfellows in creative culture. Today, there may be no better instance of the two joining up as forces as in the recent account of hackers making large ransom demands on Disney with the threat of Internet release of Disney’s 2017 spring launch: Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales.  Where seafaring pirates of the past might have sought out priceless royal jewels, today’s tech pirates seek payment in bitcoin in exchange for property, in this case, Disney’s latest franchise film about seafaring pirates.   Oh, the irony is rich…and more so tells the tale of how creative property is today the hot-ticket for hacker marauders.  (Turns out the hacking threat was empty.)

As a team of creatives, scientists, and technologists, we at RotoLab prefer to hack our client and partner team brains to generate solutions that improve rather than steal from people’s lives.  Our three initiatives — Enchanted Urbanism, Cooperative Technologies and Health and Wellness — point to three areas that identify some of the biggest challenges facing city dwellers and city planners today.

During the summer, we are using this blog platform to host point of view stories and commentary on the near future city.  At the moment, we’re taking stock of scaled systems, informed by Geoffrey West’s  predictive analytics of cities and corporations. Hacking for bitcoin just may be part of the picture but as I stated above, we’ll approach the topic for the benefit of humanity.

So let snarky hacker pirates take to the seas though beware!  If near future systems analysts have taught us anything it’s that tech enchanted oceans are now turned on to mine seafaring data.


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