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Conceptual Design

Project Description

NY(x) is a hybrid infrastructure, hard and soft, permanent and temporary. With NY(x) we look to redefine marginal space, through the creation of Affinity® spaces to support open creativity, innovation, and learning.

We focus on the most ubiquitous marginal space, that which we occupy during transportation. Namely, the creation of a third space within driverless cars will allow New Yorkers to reclaim lost attention for creative expression, productivity and personal growth.

Passengers may engage freely in the transformation economy while on the go with options such as: Work on Wheels, Play on Wheels, Learn on Wheels, and Heal on Wheels. While on the go, a typical passenger might collaborate on a project in virtual reality, cool down to some guided meditation, work towards his or her next microdegree, or engage in an impromptu jam session with members curated by the car itself.

Through a partnership with IoT company i8 live video feeds, and other public data collection, provide NY(x) with real-time information, to curate experience, build cultural calendars, and update route information accordingly. With i8, we open the door to the influencer and streamer economies, giving passengers the opportunity to share information, generate followers and earn money on the go.

The culmination of this is the repurposing of existing parking structures as temporary hot spots in the cultural economy. We recognize that parking structures are prime targets for redevelopment. Because of this we propose a solution for the interim life of this infrastructure, one that is sustainable, through low initial cost, and highly adaptable design.

With venues for creative expression, on-site housing, nature, and incubation space on the roof, we increase network resiliency by turning a negative icon of the previous era into an Affinity® space for the new cultural economy.

Project Team

Nicola Montuschi -

Nicola Montuschi

Colin Jacobs -

Colin Jacobs

Ronni Kimm - WorldbuildingWorldbuilding
Dr. Jason Heath - Music/InnovationMusic/Innovation
Korstiaan “Kors” Vandiver - FilmFilm

Korstiaan “Kors” Vandiver

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