Enchanted Urbanism

Enchanted Urbanism is a move to convert existing public space into an Affinity Space around creativity, innovation and learning and is predicated on the premise that culture creates commerce.

Inspired by fairytales and the agency they allow through magical power of wands, carpets, brooms and cloaks our objective is to regenerate underutilized, undervalued, urban public spaces facilitating creative and maker cultures, amateur and virtuoso performance, dissolving the boundary of static architecture and active participant.

The World Building approach focuses on Storytelling allowing us to extrapolate from a deeply human lens through the use of characters. It allows us to discover and reflect on what is possible. It is the way in which we make sense of the world.

The Design of a well-researched, richly-detailed world becomes a platform for multiple stories to emerge logically, organically, and coherently from a well designed core.

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