satellite team

Our Satellite team and Partners join us to re-conceptualize problems generated from world-scale shifts. Each in their own way, dream of worlds within and beyond worlds. Each in their own way brings the experience of realizing dreams to strategize and produce creative solutions to the challenges of our times.

Doug Bend - LegalLegal

Doug Bend

Dr. Dane Clemenson - NeuroscienceNeuroscience
Anne Hamburger - Cultural EntrepreneurCultural Entrepreneur
Ronni Kimm - WorldbuildingWorldbuilding
Alex McDowell RDI - WorldbuildingWorldbuilding
Dr. Jason Heath - Music/InnovationMusic/Innovation
Dr. Thomas van Vleet - NeuroscienceNeuroscience

Dr. Thomas van Vleet

Korstiaan “Kors” Vandiver - FilmFilm

Korstiaan “Kors” Vandiver

Tiffany Franke - InnovationInnovation

Tiffany Franke

Max Underwood - Design/EducationDesign/Education

Max Underwood

Ellie Abate - IllustrationIllustration
April Greiman - Graphic DesignGraphic Design
Dr. Stephen Larson - NeuroscienceNeuroscience
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