RotoLab is a design innovation lab built to overcome epic challenges facing future enterprise in how we work, play, learn and care.

Our Philosophy

In the age of digital dependency, people often forget they are simply bodies in space. We help them realize they are.

Architecting Health:  We respect the principles of design to empower and rejuvenate people’s lives.

Architecting Business:  We trust in a cross-sector mindset to augment imagination.   We care about the quality of products, customer discovery and brand values.

Architecting Technology: We enchant our client’s brands with expertise in computational and gamer platforms that inspire social engagement, improve workflow and set up the probability for spatial wonder.

Architecting Space: Our design practice begins with understanding our bodies and how they move through space.  We design from the inside out.

Our Service Platforms

Operating in-house at LA based RoTo Architects, with close academic ties to SCI-Arc, the RotoLab team collaborates with companies and individuals seeking fresh thinking around product and company innovation to address fast changing social, physical and virtual landscapes.

Our clients come to us with range of complex problems that stem from technological disruption in their industry and balancing costs for new product and program development.

As technologists, architects, gamers and cross-cultural design thinkers, we believe in uniting cross sector teams to generate human – centered options for client action and RotoLab team design.  Our consulting and incubation platforms arm clients with team wisdom generated by seasoned professionals and digital natives alike.


At RotoLab, we farm information from future worlds to problem solve for the “long now.”  We tap team know how and satellite advisory board expertise to mine opportunity and client partnership points across 4 sectors:

We gather our ultra curious researchers, late night coders, culture mavens and gamers to form highly collaborative teams to strategize solutions for an epic challenge!

RotoLab clients are looking for a partner who offers:

Design for VR
Social Robots
Smart Buildiings
Design Thinking
Think Tank Leadership
Customer Discovery
Product Innovation
Brand Analysis

Space Design
Team Orchestration
Project Management
Systems Analysis
Proxemic Consults
Translational Neuroscience
Innovations in Health Settings
New Platforms for Digital Health


RotoIncubate is our agile system of incubating new products and companies. We recognize game world dynamics along with Lean Startup and Growth Mindset models in successfully leading design entrepreneurs through an incubation process. We use the Inventio!Brains System as a means of driving innovation through collaboration.

Our gamified Incubation system has multiple entry points to find one's SALT* depending upon the route chosen as the path to victory.

* SALT = a product that is Scalable, Aesthetically pleasing, have passed their Litmus test and are Technologically functional

We offer 4 gamified protocols key to achieving one’s SALT:

1. Milestone Management (goals, strategies, actions, timeline)
2. Self-Management (6 dimensions of brain health and happiness)
3. Team Management (listening, acknowledgement, fairness, autonomy, trust)
4. Online Project Management (Google Drive, Trello and Slack)

Alumni + Current Incubatees


Following the Xprize, our RotoLab Prize platform operates to incentivize competition for productivity and cultivate sponsorship. The RotoLab Prize system operates as a talent generating stream that flows directly into our RotoIncubate process for designing and developing new products and hatching the companies that take them to market.

The RotoPrize offers spatially informed designers a chance to imagine a future where the objects they design are “enchanted.” Inspired by David Rose’s theory of enchanted objects, we wish to shine a light on emergent field of objects enchanted with the magic of electronic intelligence. Here in a new enchanted world, sensor smart objects are born with power to anticipate and direct our need. Like the magic mirrors and wands of yesteryear, they will use light and movement to empower the user with special abilities. In a world of enchanted objects, energy is fed by an unseen force — in this case the hidden code feeding the internet of things.

The RotoPrize theme of 2017-2018:  TECH AND TOYS

Launching 2017

Epic Challenge:  Design an “enchanted” kit of parts toy that focuses on spatial interaction.

The kits can incorporate current DIY electronic systems like Arduino, openBCI, Little Bits, or Google Blocks  

For Kids, ages 5-10

Our Team

Why these people? Each is a spatial explorer.  Each is a creative.  Each is a producer. Each is a researcher. Each is an inventor with curiosity for changing contexts. Each is a story teller, constructed of many voices. Each is a collaborator. Each conceives of worlds that can be built. Each is both a visionary and a pragmatist.

We curated a team of creative equals known to be expert at one-of-a-kind projects. Our criteria was:  Each has a synthetic mind accessing trans-disciplinary intelligence. Each takes an open-minded approach to solving problems of any scope or complexity.  Each loves to dream of worlds within and beyond worlds, amplified by the experience of realizing them in the world of gravity and consequence.

Nuclear Members

Patrick Canavan - Design InternDesign Intern

Patrick Canavan

Peter Biggart - Design InternDesign Intern

Peter Biggart

Hans Wendel - Design InternDesign Intern

Hans Wendel

Emily Davenport - Social Media InternSocial Media Intern

Emily Davenport

Ellie Abate - Illustration InternIllustration Intern

Ellie Abate

Jaime Daigle - Design/Branding InternDesign/Branding Intern

Jaime Daigle

Cindy Starry - Master PollinatorMaster Pollinator

Cindy Starry

Nels Long - Tech VulcanTech Vulcan

Satellite Members

Dane Clemenson, Ph.D. - Neuroscience AdvisorNeuroscience Advisor

Dane Clemenson, Ph.D.

Anne Hamburger - Theater AdvisorTheater Advisor

Anne Hamburger

Ross Mead, Ph.D. - Robotics AdvisorRobotics Advisor

Ross Mead, Ph.D.

Thomas van Vleet, Ph.D - Neuroscience AdvisorNeuroscience Advisor

Thomas van Vleet, Ph.D

Suzanne Natbony, Esq. - Legal AdvisorLegal Advisor

Suzanne Natbony, Esq.

Korstiaan “Kors” Vandiver - Film AdvisorFilm Advisor

Korstiaan “Kors” Vandiver

Paul Zak, Ph.D. - Neuroeconomics AdvisorNeuroeconomics Advisor

Paul Zak, Ph.D.

Tiffany Franke - Innovation AdvisorInnovation Advisor

Tiffany Franke

Sean Bryant - Financial AdvisorFinancial Advisor
Max Underwood - Education AdvisorEducation Advisor

Max Underwood

April Greiman - AdvisorAdvisor

April Greiman

Chris Mattia - Media AdvisorMedia Advisor

Chris Mattia

Scott J. Langteau - Games AdvisorGames Advisor

Scott J. Langteau

Stephen Larson, Ph.D. - Neuroscience AdvisorNeuroscience Advisor

Stephen Larson, Ph.D.

Academic Partners (Faculty & Labs)

Industry Partners

Bodies In Space

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