RotoLab is a solution engine from the world of architecture and design.
We are dedicated to solving wicked problems with real world projects for work, play, learning and care.

what we do

We identify emerging trends that will transform society and the marketplace. We produce scalable solutions to local or global problems, physical and virtual, to generate revenue and contribute to the social good. We incubate people and invent projects, in house, as well as those brought to us through our network. 

who we are

We are a consortium of researchers, coders, architects, and culture mavens, media designers, world builders, storytellers, scientists, AI wizards and gamers. Our nuclear team is supplemented by a satellite team, of thinkers and makers. All have deep affinities to learn from each other, and a desire to gain understandings beyond their own experiences.


600 Moulton Ave
Los Angeles, CA

(323) 226-1112

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